we’ve missed you
and will be here
when you are ready!
Two Worship Services:

Join us in person for worship.  We have a services at 8:15 a.m. and  10:00 a.m. Light the Way is a safe place with our big open sanctuary.  We have established cleaning procedures and there is plenty of room to distance.

As Light the Way Church looks to gradually reopen some of our ministries and expand our worship options, we will continue to be a beacon of His light. 

We respect that individuals will have different viewpoints on how best to accomplish the work of the church including worship and other events.  We understand that these thoughts are based on their knowledge, wisdom, desires, and understanding, and therefore will not pass judgment on one another.  (Romans 14:1 says, “accept others without passing judgment on disputed matters.).  

Light the Way has been, is, and will always be a Christ centered church serving people both near and far, allowing people to do as the Spirit leads them in their decisions – which includes how and when they will take part in ministry and worship during this transitional time.  

Our desire, then, is to provide various options of ministry — options founded out of love and concern – to allow people to prayerfully decide which options are best for them.  

Let us pray amongst it all — bless us Lord Jesus as we seek to provide multiple, love-filled avenues for public ministry!    
Below are the options for worship as you see fit.
Facebook Live: 
We encourage those who are not ready for in person worship to stay at home and watch us on Facebook at 10 a.m.  Service will also be available to view from our website after worship at your convenience. 
We will be doing our very best to adhere to guidelines and keep our church clean and safe.  Here are a few notes as we begin to worship:
We ask that you not come to church if you are sick for everyone’s wellbeing
Offerings will be collected in the boxes throughout the sanctuary, online, or through the mail
Individual communion is available during worship at the direction of our pastor.  Children can be blessed by a family member
Please use the available hand sanitizer and bathrooms for hand cleansing